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Many Women ‘Don’t Know’ Breast Cancer Signs

Less than half of women are confident that they would know the outward signs of breast cancer, a new survey has found.

The global survey conducted by Avon questioned 19,000 people and revealed that 42 per cent were confident of being able to recognise outward changes to their breasts as a sign of breast cancer.

But that still leaves 58 per cent who are unsure of what the early signs of breast cancer are. Worryingly, the survey also found that 60 per cent would wait to seek medical advice because of embarrassment, fear, or because they don’t have regular access to a doctor.

Dr Paul Goss, chairman of the Avon Foundation Scientific Advisory Board, commented: “There is still much work to be done in raising awareness of breast cancer, particularly its signs, risks and how to act on concerns about it.”

According to the NHS, possible outward signs of breast cancer include dimpling on the skin of your breasts, a rash on or around your nipple, a change in the shape or size of your nipple, a lump or swelling in either armpit and either of your breasts changing shape or size.

Most women are aware that lumps need to be checked as soon as they are found, but this isn’t the only indication that you could have the disease.

Awareness of breast cancer has certainly grown in recent years and with celebrities such as Olivia Newton-John and, most recently, Julia Louis-Dreyfus openly sharing their battles with the illness there has been more discussion and openness about it.

However, it’s clear that more needs to be done to get the message across. If you need mastectomy swimwear after your own battle with cancer, take a look at our range today.

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