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Topless Statue Of Surgeon Who Beat Breast Cancer Twice Unveiled

Breast cancer surgeon Dr Liz O’Riordan knows better than most what her patients are going through when they come to an appointment.

She has battled the disease twice and had a mastectomy as part of her treatment. Her first diagnosis came in 2015 and she was diagnosed for a second time this year. Now 43, Dr O’Riordan attended her final radiotherapy session dressed as Mrs Incredible.

Two days later, she went to unveil the statue that’s been created to mark her battles and her bravery.

A topless statue of Dr O’Riordan, complete with a triathlon medal and cycling helmet, was unveiled at Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds, the BBC reported.

Dr O’Riordan told the news provider: “I was a bit scared of being topless, but I’m really proud of showing the world my scars.”

Her sculpture is one of 25 that was created by Non Zero One, an organisation that wanted to provide statues to showcase women who aren’t royal, mythical or dead. Lead artist Cat Harrison described the doctor as “bold and brave”.

“I have no doubt Liz will inspire other women not to be ashamed of breast cancer and the outcomes and emotional difficulties that can come with it,” she asserted.

Shopping for a breast cancer swimsuit can be challenging and nerve wracking. Some other women who could inspire you to develop your body confidence include a group of 14 breast cancer survivors in Stoke on Trent who are putting on their own performance of The Full Monty to raise money for a cancer support group.

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