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Pockets and Beanies

About our pocketed swimwear

Brave Ladies swimwear mastectomy clothing gives you the security and confidence to show off your figure again after breast cancer.

Our fashionable designs and soft Italian fabrics are all mix and match to suit all shapes and sizes. Security and comfort are of utmost importance. Our pocketed swimwear will hold your breast forms securely in place whilst you swim or sunbathe.

Brave Ladies swimwear is designed so you can live your life without compromise!


Mastectomy Clothing | Beanies

These lightweight breast forms are all you need to feel confident in the water.

Our beanies are soft, comfortable and give good shape when put into your swimwear.

The beanie bags are made from a quick drying breathable material and filled with micro beans, so are perfect for swimming.

This material is ultra light and does not curl or shrink.

It is made up of 90% Polyamide 10% Elastane.

Our beanies come in small, medium, large, extra large and larger sizes are available on request too!

NB Beanies are sold singularly. Please check that you have the correct quantity 

before placing your order.

We normally suggest that you pick your beanies according to your dress size

  • 8/10 – small
  • 12/14 – medium
  • 16/18 – large
  • 20/22 – x-large


  • Beanies are not machine washable
  • Do not wring water out after rinsing
  • Allow to dry naturally without squeezing
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