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Student Poses For Inspirational Post-Mastectomy Photo Shoot

A student has not let breast cancer treatment dent her confidence one bit, posing for a striking post-mastectomy photo shoot that could inspire.

Jessica Florence, an aspiring architect, was recently given the all-clear after a three-year battle with breast cancer, the Metro reported, and now she is celebrating by posing topless wearing her scar with pride.

The student had to move back home and give up her studies while undergoing treatment, which included six gruelling rounds of chemotherapy in as many months.

She revealed that she would try and rise above the unpleasant symptoms of her treatment including stomach pains and sensitive skin by wearing lipstick and heels to the treatment centre, which helped her feel good in spite of everything else.

Florence said having a mastectomy and losing her hair made her feel like she was no longer a woman, but she snapped out of this mindset and teamed up with photographer Nehemiah Nash to create the striking imagery.

“My breasts are not going to define me. I define myself as a woman,” she told the newspaper.

“I wanted to share my vision of what I thought breast cancer was. I had these jeans and a jacket and I wanted to go topless to show people what I have been going through,” she said.

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