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How To Find The Best Wig For You

After battling breast cancer, you may be left feeling unconfident, especially after a mastectomy – that’s the whole reason behind our range of mastectomy clothing. Getting a good fit is the least you deserve to try and make the whole process a little bit more comfortable and bearable.

It’s not just your clothes, however, but if you’ve undergone chemotherapy and want to wear a wig, getting just the right style can make all the difference. For most people, it’s a whole new world, so The Health Site has de-mystified the process.

There are three different types, or levels, of wigs that you can buy. The most expensive are lace-front wigs. This type blends with your natural hairline with the use of makeup and can be almost undetectable in this area. Monofilament wigs are another type, which are handmade and look natural whilst also allowing your scalp to breath. The last and the most affordable option are machine-made wigs, which are widely available and the most common type many cancer-sufferers will buy.

Make sure you do your research and find something that is not only comfortable, but fits perfectly. Spend some time trying on lots of different choices until you find one (or even more) which works for you. Different skin types may react differently to certain types of wigs, so consider that too. If looking online, search for customer reviews as these always give an honest insight.

However, a full wig isn’t the only option. Another lightweight option to try, so great if you are having hot flushes, is a light weight head scarf with a velcro fringe so you can change your look.

Regular washing is required to maintain a wig’s lifespan. One top tip is to use a fabric softener rather than standard conditioner as it works wonders. Also look into the right temperature your wig can stand if using a hairdryer, as machine made wigs can be delicate when exposed to heat.

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