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Cancer Patients Get Better Deal With New Travel Insurance Product

If you are planning a holiday to help you after a course of treatment for breast cancer then booking the travel insurance might be one of the parts of planning you are least looking forward to.

But now, you can browse for your mastectomy bathing suits with peace of mind as Insurtech Bought By Many has revealed a new European travel insurance product that provides travellers with serious health conditions with better access to coverage, Insurance Business Magazine reports.

The Insurtech offering promises customers a quick quote with “condition-agnostic pricing” and no medical questionnaire.

In lieu of the questionnaire, policyholders merely have to declare that their doctor is happy for them to travel.

Dr Charles Daniels, lead clinician LWNHT was quoted as saying: “I have seen the repeated difficulty which many of my patients encounter when seeking to travel.

“My experience is that the expense or fact that they can’t find insurance has caused them to forego any travel plans they may wish to make and heaped misery on the distress caused by their diagnosis of cancer or other advanced illnesses.”

This follows feedback sought by the Financial Conduct Authority last year on people with cancer and their experience with shopping for insurance.

Bought By Many believes its new travel insurance product will be fairer and simpler for people with serious medical conditions and hopefully news of the cover will encourage more patients to take a well-needed trip with their loved ones – giving them the break that they may very much need.

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