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Benefits Of Exercise For Breast Cancer Survivors Highlighted

Exercising after breast cancer treatment has been shown to be an effective way of tackling the mental and physical side effects of the treatment, but many women struggle to be physically active after battling breast cancer.

A team in the US has been exploring a way of encouraging more breast cancer survivors to be active, after studies show that up to 70 per cent of this group are not getting enough exercise.

News Medical explained that the researchers at UBC’s Okanagan campus set up Project MOVE, where microgrants of up to $2,000 were offered to breast cancer groups to help support their physical activity initiatives.

Cristina Caperchione, associate professor at the institution’s School of Health and Exercise Sciences, told the news provider that the idea was to support community-based initiatives.

“Groups developed their interventions based on their own needs and preferences, and these reflected any unique circumstances and barriers that limit them from being active,” she said.

Hiking, yoga and even dragonboating are just some of the activities that participants undertook, with 70 per cent of those involved learning about new activities as a result.

Ms Caperchione added that being physically active has been linked to “numerous health benefits for cancer survivors including weight management, reduced pain and fatigue, reduced depression and anxiety, and reduced mortality and breast cancer recurrence”.

Another study published earlier this year found that women with a low muscle mass who were diagnosed with breast cancer were less likely to survive than those with a higher muscle mass. This makes the case for developing a healthy lifestyle in general, regardless of whether you’re battling cancer or not.

If you want to get more active after fighting breast cancer, but aren’t feeling comfortable enough to try activities like swimming, come and see us to find a breast cancer swimsuit that will give you the confidence you need to get back in the water.

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