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Artificial Intelligence To Aid Breast Cancer Diagnoses?

A two-year experiment is due to start where artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology is used to analyse breast scans from MRI machines across the country in a bid to help doctors make more accurate breast cancer diagnoses.

IntelliScan is being developed by Teesside and Brunel University London, and First Option Software, to combine advanced image-processing smart algorithms and deep machine learning to flag up key watch points on potential cases.

This means that radiologists will be able to process many more images a lot quicker and more accurately, helping to save lives because tumours will be detected earlier.

The overall plan is to link this system up to breast scans from all the UK’s MRI machines to detect abnormalities and then categorise them based on severity. The algorithms will also be able to help doctors forecast how well treatments will work on individuals by comparing consecutive scans.

“This is an exciting project and one that could make considerable and positive changes to the healthcare sector – improving the accuracy and speed of breast cancer MRI analysis. Early detection is crucial to survival and this technology could help to save the lives of thousands of patients,” director of Teesside University’s Healthcare Innovation Centre Dr Jianxin Gao said.

It’s also important that women make sure they check themselves regularly for signs of breast cancer in order to spot problems early on. The best time to do this is probably in the shower – look out for lumps or swelling in the armpits, dimpling of the skin, rashes around the nipple, inverted nipples or changes in shape or size of the nipple as well.

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