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Ann Summers Boss Reveals Battle With Breast Cancer

Businesswoman Jacqueline Gold CBE, who’s best known as the boss of Ann Summers, has revealed that she has been battling breast cancer since last October in an exclusive interview with Hello! magazine.

She told the publication that she was diagnosed after discovering a pea-sized lump in her breast. Jacqueline has undergone 30 sessions of chemotherapy and had a lumpectomy, and while she won’t get the official all-clear for another two years, she explained that she’s recovering and was told that the cancer was gone in April of this year.

When she received the diagnosis, Jacqueline came up with a strategy for coping with the illness, which included only telling her close friends and family about her diagnosis.

The 57 year old explained that she didn’t want people to treat her differently while she was undergoing treatment, which is why she kept it secret.

“I’m lucky I’ve lived a charmed life, but we’re all equal when it comes to health; no matter how hard you’ve worked or how fortunate you are, it doesn’t discriminate,” Jacqueline told the magazine.

During her treatment, she altered her diet, cutting out sugar, meat and alcohol, as well as practising yoga and doing early-morning workouts to help keep her strength up.

Of course, chemotherapy affects people differently, so it’s important to only do what you feel able to. Breast Cancer Care points out that even small amounts of gentle exercise, such as walking, can make you feel more energised though, so it’s worth doing even a little if you can.

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