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7 Products For Breast Cancer Patients To Make You Smile

As well as mastectomy bathing suits, there are all sorts of other products out there that have been created with breast cancer patients specifically in mind. After all, even though you’re fighting a battle with the disease doesn’t mean you need to lose yourself to it completely and if there’s anything out there that can put a smile on your face, it represents excellent value for money, wouldn’t you agree? Here are just a few products you might want to spoil yourself with.

Mamma Beer

According to Metro, Mamma Help – a breast cancer advocacy group – has just brought out an alcohol-free beer that’s been fortified with vitamin B and potassium to help patients who may have no appetite because of their course of treatment.

CEO Jana Drexlerova said: “I wanted the beer to boost nutrition and improve health during treatment. It was also important for me to give these women back a sense of normalcy in their lives.”

The Radiant Wrap

These have been designed for you to wear instead of hospital gowns. Co-founder of the company Maria Lucas (a cancer patient and survivor) said she felt that her personality had been taken away once she put her hospital gown on and she was left feeling cold, embarrassed and uncomfortable. And the Radiant Wrap was born!

It’s My Secret

This is a range of post-surgery clothing that has been designed to help patients heal with dignity. The company’s goal is provide people who need surgical drains with a discreet option for going about daily activities and it’s so comfy you can even sleep in it. Plus a portion of all sales go to cancer research to continue trying to find a cure.

Secret Garden colouring book

Mindfulness techniques could prove very useful for coping with your diagnosis and treatment because they help you focus so intently on the present moment that everything you’re worried about fades into the background – allowing you to feel more at peace. Adult colouring books are huge news these days but Secret Garden was one of the first and is still one of the best.

Survivor Eyes

This brand offers a range of products, first launching a BrowStyle Kit to help people going through hair loss regain their eyebrows. The company has partnered up with Sormé Cosmetics so the colours won’t splash or sweat off before you get back to the safety of your own home.

Fighting Pretty

Pretty Packages are care parcels that are intended to help empower women fighting cancer to feel fierce, strong and beautiful. Each box contains a pair of mini pink boxing gloves, a reminder to everyone to never give up. So far, more than 5,000 packages have been sent out.

The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook

This has sections on diet and cancer, problems you may face during treatment, recipes to cook that are nutritional and wholesome for during treatment, and recipes for after treatment that are designed to keep you healthy.

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